Whenever I see a new girl group track with an onomatopoeia title, I get nervous. If I could change one thing about current girl group trends, it would be to replace all the chirpy dum diddy la la la bum bums with melodies that show off the performers’ vocal skills. It’s not that this assembly line of exclamations can’t be fun. But when everyone is following an early-Twice/ITZY template, the style loses some of its bite.

Thankfully, Lunarsolar’s DaDaDa comes armed with a thumping dance beat that gives its sing-song melody the anchor it needs. As with so many modern K-pop tracks, this is needlessly upended by a tempo-shifting second verse. The song is majorly blunted here, but recovers as we head into the second chorus. Meanwhile, the opening verse delivers the best this style has to offer. It’s crisp, exciting and performed with tons of attitude. Rather than twist their vocals upwards to feign aegyo, the girls pull each line downward. This makes all the difference, and lends the verse a surprising amount of grit.

DaDaDa’s chorus employs an addictive electro texture, giving it plenty of oomph. I’m not as sold on the melody or vocals here. On one hand, this refrain embraces a more full-throated melody. But, it also feels a little repetitive as the song goes on. Still, DaDaDa doesn’t lack catchiness. Its sprightly energy and brisk tempo keep the party going. All it’s missing is the kind of rousing climax that made a track like Secret Number’s Got That Boom so fresh and exciting.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

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