Kylie Minogue’s majestic ‘The One’ deserved to be a massive smash hit.

In this franchise, we look back on songs that deserved a little more love and attention.

Disco is enjoying a huge revival in 2020. Dua Lipa dipped into the genre on Future Nostalgia, Jessie Ware celebrated it on What’s Your Pleasure? and Kylie Minogue stepped back in time — again — on “Say Something.” (Her new album is even called DISCO). However, the pop icon is hardly new to the mirrorball scene. Kylie has been dabbling in disco, on and off, since the ’80s. One of the most underrated examples is “Crystallize.” Released as a charity single in 2014, the dance anthem is something of a lost, nu-disco gem.

Originally recorded for Kiss Me Once, “Crystallize” mysteriously missed the final cut despite being vastly superior to songs that were released as singles (yes, this is “I Was Gonna Cancel” shade). Bright, airy and quintessentially Kylie, the Dev Hynes-penned track is a shimmery burst of dance-floor glitter. “When everything is caving in and you don’t know what you’re gonna do,” the Aussie hitmaker begins the song. “When you don’t know if you should go or stay, you only have to turn my way.” That takes us to the lovely chorus.

“Baby, you can always count on me,” Kylie coos over Babydaddy’s disco-flecked production. “Just come and look deep into my eyes, crystallize.” In some ways, this is a perfect companion piece to “Say Something.” They’re both soft, dreamy mid-tempo moments that gently raise your serotonin level. Unfortunately, “Crystallize” underperformed on the charts and has been relegated to a footnote in Kylie’s iconic discography. Revisit the slept-on track, which most certainly should have been bigger, below.

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