Enough of you asked for it, and who am I to deny? It’s time to dive deep into SHINee’s long-awaited comeback album Don’t Call Me, track-by-track.

1. Don’t Call Me // 2. Heart Attack // 3. Marry You // 4. CØDE // 5. I Really Want You // 6. Kiss Kiss // 7. Body Rhythm // 8. Attention // 9. Kind

Body Rhythm

One of the great things about SHINee’s mighty vocal blend is how well it works within any genre. Up to this point, the songs on Don’t Call Me have largely centered around synth-heavy funk pop (except for, ironically, the title track!). Body Rhythm swerves in a different direction. This works well as part of the album’s second half. It’s every bit as groovy as the tracks that precede it, but harnesses a sinuous reggae/dancehall rhythm all its own.

Body Rhythm opens with Taemin’s evocative vocal. He quickly pulls us into the song, and I doubt many listeners will be refusing his advances. I love how the verse and pre-chorus weave their way between vocalists. We don’t hear the guys sing in unison until about a minute in, and this prolonged tease gives the chorus plenty of impact.

The vocals and instrumental work seamlessly together, tracing the same lines without distraction. This isn’t the kind of song that needs to get fussy with its sound or structure. It finds a central groove and plays with it for three minutes. In different hands, this might come across as monotonous or unconvincing, but SHINee’s vocals have such strength and character. I can’t imagine getting bored with Body Rhythm, as repetitive as it might be.

I tend to complain about “moody” songs quite often on The Bias List, but they’re not all bad. This is the kind of mood I can get down with.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


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