Three years after their fourth album, Soul Brothers, Ruff Endz returns with Rebirth. 

The album was led by the new single “Be the One,” a mid-tempo jam where the duo picture themselves as the one and only for their respective partners. This motto of exclusivity is the same on the snapping, piano-driven closer “Only One I See.” 

On the island-flavored track “Hopeless,” members David Chance and Dante Jordan each serenade about having a woman who can match their swag and make them weak at the knees. 

“Overnight” features an interpolation of Jodeci’s 1993 classic “My Heart Belongs to You,” while the duo can’t keep their hands to themselves on the melodic “Your Body” featuring Krazy Bone. 

Ruff Endz described the album as one that “embodies elements from the classic era of R&B which we thought were important to preserve but still be able to incorporate a 2021 perspective.” 

They added, “We are excited about this project because it’s a true expression of how we really feel as men. We see life as a roller coaster of emotions, and Rebirth is a reflection of us riding the emotional ups & downs of life. 

Each song shares about an emotion that we have experienced and how we dealt with those situations.” 

Stream Ruff Endz’s new album Rebirth below.

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