Heartbreak is no joke — especially when you’re trying to unpack the multitude of emotions. On Lil’ Mo’s new single “Broken Heart,” which she co-wrote with Terrance Butler, the seasoned vocalist takes a moment to reflect on lost love.

“Where do you go to fix a broken heart?” Mo asks in the opening line. “Who could put you together when you’re torn apart?” 

Although “Broken Heart” may sound like a sad love song, the meaning applies to any situation where someone is experiencing heartache.  

“The inspiration behind the song is what I’ve experienced from trying to find love in those that were raised off survival. In turn, I realized that I thought my situation was terrible,” Lil’ Mo tells Rated R&B.

“Then I saw what Lauren London went through losing Nipsey Hussle, and then what Vanessa Bryant went through losing her husband Kobe and her daughter Gigi. I was like, “GOD, what is going on? How do you get over this kind of PAIN?’ So, I learned to sing through it. At my lowest, I always level up through a song. That’s literally how I HEAL!!” 

“Broken Heart” is Lil’ Mo’s first solo single since 2017’s “Hold Me Down.” It is the first offering from her upcoming project titled SavageHeart. It will follow her 2014 LP, The Scarlet Letter. 

Later this year, Lil’ Mo will celebrate the 20th anniversary of her debut album, Based On a True Story. The gold-selling album features one of her signature tracks “Superwoman Pt. II” with Fabolous. 

Listen to “Broken Heart” by Lil’ Mo below.

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