H.E.A.T drummer Crash declares “old gang is back together” with Kenny Leckremo back in line-up

H.E.A.T continue to promote their “new” line-up with the return of their original singer Kenny Leckremo. This time, the group which also includes Jona Tee on keyboards, Crash on drums, Dave Dalone on guitar and Jimmy Jay on bass, released a video titled Singer Kenny Leckremo return to the birthplace of H.E.A.T in Sweden and relives the rise of the band. Leckremo was one of the band founders and handled the lead vocals on H.E.A.T‘s first two albums, H.E.A.T (2008) and Freedom Rock

(2010), before leaving the band and being replaced by Erik Grönwall who had handled the lea vocals on the group’s last four studio albums — Address The Nation (2012), Tearing Down The Walls (2014), Into The Great Unknown (2017) and H.E.A.T II (2020).

H.E.A.T‘s recently posted video sees Leckremo going back to Upplands Väsby in Sweden where the band first got started. Tee and Crash are also interviewed in the video.

Leckremo indicated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “And we all knew what we wanted to do but we hadn’t made anything official yet. I remember that from the old band that we had, that we used to have — Trading Fate — we had Dave on the guitar [for] a few rehearsals, and I remember that Jona used to come in and play the keys. It was [the] beginning of February I think or late January. I’m not sure and it’s quite a while ago now [laughs] and we were sitting around the table. We were all kind of — I think that we all agreed individually, one by one, no pun intended, the name was being discussed but we did not decide the same evening. We had a bunch of names. I can’t remember all of them but Wolf this or Power that or Mojo this. I can’t remember. All these kind of different things put down on a piece of paper.

It was Dave or [guitarist] Eric [Rivers] or somebody who came up with the name actually — H.E.A.T — that we all liked. We all loved it. But there was a small problem. I remember that we needed something to set us apart from everyone else. So we actually came up with an acronym where you got the dots between each letter that we were asked about for years after that.”

Crash added: “You start thinking about how our journey began initially and how we turned nothing into something. You could say that H.E.A.T was started by a band of brothers. It never was a one-man show and fast forward to today and it kind of feels like we’ve gone full circle. The old gang is back together which makes me kind of rediscover why we started in the first place. And that’s, that’s really energizing.”

H.E.A.T‘s Singer Kenny Leckremo return to the birthplace of H.E.A.T in Sweden and relives the rise of the band video:

Trading Fate‘s (pre-H.E.A.T) “Feel It Again” video:

H.E.A.T‘s “Rise” single (Kenny Leckremo version):

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