As usual, Golden Child gets the “bias group advantage” on this site. This means not only their title track and a buried treasure will be reviewed, but I’ll be taking a look at the entire new mini album YES.

1. YES. // 2. Burn It // 3. Cool Cool // 4. Round N Round // 5. Milky Way // 6. Breathe


One thing I’ve always appreciated about Golden Child is that — even when challenging a darker concept — their albums always include at least one upbeat, funk-infused track to please those of us who love that version of their sound. YES has several songs that could fit this bill, but the one that most embraces the group’s brighter side is probably Cool Cool.

Cool Cool is composed by the MosPick team, who have previously written title tracks DamDaDi, Let Me and Pump It Up. In comparison to those songs, Cool is a slinkier, funkier offering. I don’t think it’s quite title track material, but it’s certainly a good choice to promote alongside the more bombastic Burn It.

Cool Cool catches Golden Child embracing their inner Seventeen – a group they’ve always admired. They pull this sound off with flair, bringing personality and polish to the track. Much of the instrumental grooves along an addictive bassline, except for when the post-chorus explodes with electronic flourishes. This is a remarkably consistent track, from the propulsive second verse to the echoing chorus. Rather than build to a big centerpiece, the guys riff on Cool Cool’s sticky hook in different ways, including a particularly effective high note toward the climax. It all adds up to create an infectious head-nodder, kicking off a series of very strong b-sides.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


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