The pianist has expressed his views on a Russian chat site:

“You and I are of the same blood – you and me!”   (Kipling. “Mowgli”)  Life brings surprises every now and then. I never thought that I might have a desire to quote Vladimir Ilyich, but now – well, my hands are just itching to do it!   Recently, my colleague Yusif Eyvazov posted on his Instagram page a photo of Ilham Aliyev with the inscription “ WE ARE PROUD OF OUR PRESIDENT ” and numerous icons of gratitude and love, as well as the following text (I keep the author’s spelling and punctuation):   ” My dear compatriots! My dear Azerbaijani people! For several days now our Motherland has been living in war conditions and of course we are all waiting for all this to end and when justice will prevail and Our lands will be returned!

But this post is not about that .. this post is about YOU MY DEAR AZERBAIJANIS AND CITIZENS OF AZERBAIJAN AND ALL THOSE WHO LIVE AS IN AZERBAIJAN and beyond … we are close to each other as never before … I simply do not have words to express my endless gratitude to you all, for being Azerbaijanis, for the fact that we are all of the same blood, for the fact that you are brave and truthful, for the fact that you are honest and generous … I know that everything will be fine,and I really look forward to meeting all the guys who on Instagram express their positions in order to hug each of you, look into the eyes of the Great Citizens of the Great Country, Representatives of the Great Azerbaijan Nation! I love you very much !!! 🇦🇿❤ ”.  

For reference: according to the Economist Intelligence Unit Democracy Index for 2019, Azerbaijan is an authoritarian regime and is ranked 146th in the world out of 167 countries in terms of democracy (below Zimbabwe, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc.), and according to the organization ‘ Reporters Without Borders for 2020, in terms of press freedom, Azerbaijan ranks 168th out of 180 countries in the world (below Russia, Belarus, etc.).   And such a state, Mr. Eyvazov calls a “great country”, its subjects – “great citizens”, and is proud of its dictator!

   I really don’t want, of course, to stoop to personal insults, especially to a colleague, but here I just can’t help remembering (as not an insult, but just a reminder) the famous words that the great Baku resident Lev Landau, being in Stalin’s prison, loved to quote to his cellmates, who praised the “ leader and teacher ”: “No one is to blame if he was born a slave; but a slave who not only shuns aspirations for his freedom, but justifies and embellishes his slavery <…> such a slave is a lackey and boor who causes a legitimate feeling of indignation, contempt and disgust. ”


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