On Tuesday night, Billie Eilish appeared on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert for an exclusive interview to promote Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry, her upcoming Apple TV+ documentary. Over the course of 20 minutes, Eilish  discussed being a pop star during a pandemic, recording her new album, and the mix of invasiveness and fun that came with making the new doc.

Eilish was particularly open about the upcoming film — which reportedly cost Apple TV+ a casual $25 million dollars to pick up — and the realities of what went into making it, like learning to accept that millions of people around the world will watch intimate footage you normally would only share with family. In fact, she said she watched a three-hour first cut of the film with just those closest to her, and it took them nearly five hours to get through it. “We just kept stopping and being like… For real?” she said. “There was one point where I stopped it, screamed, got up, ran around the house, came back, pulled my pants down, ran around the house again… Oh my god, it was a lot!”

She also shared a clip from the documentary, where we get to see Eilish learn about the six Grammy nominations that led to her clean sweep in 2020. As her mom reads her the list while she’s curled up in bed unwilling to fully wake up — ya know, like a teenager — she only reacts when she learns her brother, FINNEAS, got recognized for Producer of the Year.

Elsewhere, she touched upon meeting Justin Bieber, remaining authentic in her art, and her choice of using a smoldering vocal instead of a room-bursting one. “There’s a couple moments on this album where I pull some tricks out,” she teased. “You’ll get a little bit. It’ll come.”

Colbert also asked briefly about her James Bond theme “No Time to Die”, which The Late Show had jokingly “premiered” last year. Watch the full interview below.

Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry will arrive on Apple TV+ on February 26th. Fans who are too eager to wait until then can celebrate this Thursday the 25th when Eilish throws a live premiere event featuring video previews and a special musical performance.

In January, Eilish announced a new photo book, performed at ALTer EGO Fest, and collaborated with Rosalía on their joint track “Lo Vas a Olvidar”. She’s also in talks to executive produce Fever, the upcoming Peggy Lee biopic starring Michelle Williams.

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