With so much new music on offer, it’s hard to keep track of when albums are being released. But don’t worry, we’ve created this handy schedule for you to keep track of all the big albums and killer underground records coming over the next year.

Here is every upcoming metal album release that we’re aware of right now. We’ve got some pre-ordering to do… 

Albums released March 05, 2021

Mork Katedralen | Pre-order
Spelljammer Abyssal Trip | Pre-order
Baest Necro Sapiens | Pre-order
Bonecarver Evil | Pre-order
Ungraven/Slomatics Spllt | Pre-order
Mason Hill Against The Wall | Pre-order
Nightfall At Night We Prey | Pre-order
Thirdface Do It With A Smile | Pre-order
The Hyena Kill A Disconnect | Pre-order
Wolf King The Path Of Wrath | Pre-order

Albums released March 12, 2021

Autarkh Form in Motion | Pre-order
Conan Live At Freak Valley | Pre-order
Demiser Through The Gate Eternal | Pre-order
Ego Kill Talent The Dance Between Extremes | Pre-order
The Crown Royal Destroyer | Pre-order
Enforced Kill Grid | Pre-order
Bound In Fear Eternal | Pre-order
Eyehategod A History Of Nomadic Behavior | Pre-order
Marianas Rest Fata Morgana | Pre-order
Pupil Slicer Mirrors | Pre-order
Rob Zombie The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy | Pre-order
Stepson Help Me, Help You | Pre-order
White Void Anti | Pre-order

Albums released March 19, 2021

Cosmic Reaper Cosmic Reaper | Pre-order
Depths Of Hatred Inheritance | Pre-order
Devin Townsend Devolution Series #1 | Pre-order
Enforcer Live By Fire II | Pre-order
Fuath II | Pre-order
Mono Beyond The Past… | Pre-order
Nine Treasures Awakening From Dukkha
Northmaan Northmaan | Pre-order
Papa Roach Greatest Hits Vol 2 | Pre-order
Saxon Inspirations | Pre-order
Trollfest Happy Heroes EP | Pre-order

Albums released March 26, 2021

68 Give One Take One | Pre-order
As Everything Unfolds Within Each Lies The Other | Pre-order
Breaths Lined In Silver | Pre-order
Celestial Sanctuary Soul Diminished | Pre-order
Cruelty There Is No God Where I Am | Pre-order
Cryptosis Bionic Swarm | Pre-order
Evanescence The Bitter Truth | Pre-order
Genghis Tron Dream Weapon | Pre-order
Greenleaf Echoes From A Mass | Pre-order
Immerse The Weight That Holds Me Here
Lamb Of God Live In Richmond, VA | Pre-order
Liquid Tension Experiment LTE 3 | Pre-order
Memoriam To The End | Pre-order
Perennial Isolation Portraits | Pre-order
Shrines Ghost Notes | Pre-order
Stonus Seánce | Pre-order
Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole | Pre-order
Smith/Kotzen Smith/Kotzen | Pre-order
Tomahawk Tonic Immobility | Pre-order
Volbeat The Strength / The Sound / The Songs | Pre-order
Wheel Resident Human | Pre-order

Albums released March Apr 2, 2021

BRUIT ≤ The Machine Is Burning... | Pre-order
Blue Ox Holy Vore | Pre-order
Fuoco Fatuo Obsidian Katabasis | Pre-order
Wode Burn In Many Mirrors | Pre-order

Albums released March Apr 9, 2021

Årabrot Norwegian Gothic | Pre-order
August Burns Red Guardian Sessions | Pre-order
Blaze Bayley War Within Me | Pre-order
Devil Sold His Soul Loss | Pre-order
Horndal Lake Drinker | Pre-order
Mare Cognitum Solar Paroxysm | Pre-order
Primal Fear I Will Be Gone | Pre-order
Purgatory Lawless To Grave
The Lion’s Daughter Skin Show | Pre-order
Throne Pestilent Dawn

Albums released March Apr 16 2021

The Armed Ultrapop | Pre-order
Bewitcher Cursed By Thy Kingdom | Pre-order
Cannibal Corpse Violence Unimagined | Pre-order
Crown The End Of All Things | Pre-order
Endseeker Mount Carcass | Pre-order
Spectral Wound A Diabolic Thirst | Pre-order
Superlynx Electric Temple | Pre-order
Suffocate For Fuck Sake Fyra | Pre-order
To The Grave Epilogue | Pre-order
While She Sleeps Sleeps Society | Pre-order

Albums released March Apr 23, 2021

Altarage Succumb | Pre-order
Bongzilla Weedsconsin | Pre-order
Bodom After Midnight Paint The Sky With Blood EP | Pre-order
Capra In Transmission | Pre-order
Big | Brave Vital | Pre-order
Benthos II
Greta Van Fleet The Battle At Garden’s Gate | Pre-order
Paysage D’Hiver Geister | Pre-order
Skindred Roots Rock Riot (reissue) | Pre-order
Them Bloody Kids Radical Animals | Pre-order

Albums released Apr 30, 2021

Ageless Oblivion Suspended Between Earth And Sky | Pre-order
Domkraft Seeds | Pre-order
Evile Hell Unleashed | Pre-order
Gojira Fortitude  | Pre-order
Tetrarch Unstable | Pre-order
Warish Next To Pay | Pre-order

Albums released May 14, 2021

Dordeduh Har | Pre-order
Caliban Zeitgeister
Myles Kennedy The Ides Of March | Pre-order

Albums released June 11, 2021

Mammoth WVH Mammoth WVH | Pre-order

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